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Pastor Elaine Hollmer

Boasting In The Lord
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Time To Stop The Thief
Faith Has A Voice

Rev. Woody Woodson

The Power Of Your Testimony
See A New Life
What Love Does
A Call To War
A Ruling Mentality
The Coming Shift
Your Dream And Your Grace
A Healthy Church
The Redo
Living In God’s Presence

Apostle Ron Callahan

Stony Ground
Mustard Plant Faith
The Authority Of The Name
The Unjust Judge
The Measure Of Faith

Pastor William Bumphus

God Is Not In Control
Faith: Acting On The Word
If You Can Believe It
Why Be Born Again
Temptations, Tests, and Trials

Apostle Bobbie Jean Merck
The Glory Release Conference

The Glory In Giving
Releasing The Glory
The Holy Spirit And The Glory
Raised Up By The Glory

Apostle Bobbie Jean Merck

Between The Porch And The Altar
Accusation Counter Attack
Intercession And Fire
The Fire Within
A Year Of Glory
Interceding Christians
Living In The Anointing
The Anointing

Pastor Carter Barnett

Are You Persuaded?
Apostolic Courage
Basic Greek

Apostle John Paul

Exploits Of Faith
The Best Out Of The Worst
A Message Of Relaxation

Pastor Bob Martin

The Common Man’s Testimony

Pastors Bob and Debbie Martin

Abundant Life
Choosing Joy

Pastor Jason Carter

His Thoughts Towards Us
The Meeting Place With God
Glory Manifestations

Pastor Jim Schreiner

The Blessing
3 Steps To Accelerated Growth

Pastor Lee Fields

Expanded Expectations

Pastor Thad Callahan

How Far Do We Go?

Pastor Manuel Yanez

Don’t Back Down; Stand Your Ground

Pastor Tony Wilkinson

He Made Him Sick
Overflowing Fullness
Returning To Your First Love

Pastor Butch Vanderpool

A Successful Church

Pastor Charles Dayadharum

Lucifer and Jezebel
Songs played during service

Pastor Sherry Gaines

The Spirit Of The Mind
Operating In Prayer And Intercession

Pastor Kim Roth

His Voice
Can God Send You?

Dr. Oheneba Boadum

The Glory After The Cross
What Are You Doing With Your 4 Months?

Pastor John Chamness

The Value Of The Word

Pastor Troy Ledford

Seed Time And Harvest

Pastor David Guernsey

Keeping Your Place Of Authority