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Righteousness – Pastor Jack Shoup and Pastor Sherry Gains

Our Divine Nature
Righteousness: A License To Sin?
Being Free From The Law
Rewards Of Righteousness
Believing In Who You Are
Righteous Glory

Soul Salvation – Pastor Jack Shoup and Pastor Elizabeth Smither

Introduction To The Soul
The Dimension Of The Soul
Possessing Your Promised Land
Disciplining Your Soul
Minefields Of The Soul
The Workings Of The Brain

Covenant – Pastor Jack Shoup and Pastor Bob Martin

What Is Covenant
United In Covenant
Covenant Divine Order
Covenant Attacks
Covenant Forgiveness
Covenant Glory

Evangelism – Pastor Lee Fields and Pastor Kim Roth

Evangelism In You
Styles and Approaches
Spirit Led Evangelism
Authority In Evangelism
 Follow Up

Healing – Pastor Jack Shoup and Apostle Ron Callahan

Jesus Is The Healer
The Truth About Healing
Hindrances To Your Healing
The Laws Of Healing
How To Receive Your Healing
How To Keep Your Healing

Praise And Worship – Pastor David Redding and Jewelie Redding

 Praise Defined
Worship Defined
Expressing Our Worship
Different Areas Of Worship

(The last session of this Preach-A-Thon contained worship and prophecy.
It is 3 CDs long.  If you would like a copy of the CDs or the entire
MP3 please contact Rebekah at office@gracegeorgetown.org)

Love – Pastor Jack Shoup

The Need For Love
The Results Of Love
Lively Stones
The Recipe For Love
Love and Covenant
The Glory Of Love